A hard time on the dragon's spine! My slowest and most challenging ultramarathon yet. @hardassevents's Baby Dragon 40 miler. It was a beautiful day. Plenty hot until the thunderstorm and accompanying downpour fixed that. Turned the trail into a river and I swear made the briars tear up my legs more, but at least it got rid of the bugs. I went a little off trail and got some extra elevation, exhausted myself on the steep climbs and running the descents, spent a little too long enjoying the aid stations, but at least I ran it in in the rain and the dark over the last few miles mostly thanks to a fellow runner encouraging me to get out of the chair. I measured 41.2 miles and 11,700 feet of vert in 13:59. As usual, fantastic people putting on the event and running it with me! Next time: hiking poles, calf sleeves for the briars, and a rain jacket. #hardasseventasadvertised #h9 #duncanridgetrail