Ten days ago I did an extremely fun thing with the help of some amazing people I'm proud to call friends. I finished the Pinhoti 100 miler in 28 hours and 40 minutes after these people dragged me across hills, mountains, creeks, rivers, dirt roads, paved roads, I-20, and the tallest point in Alabama. I shoveled a ton of food into my mouth, other people shoved more food into my mouth. I loved every minute of it and would absolutely do it again. Thanks to @hilarykart for whisking me through the halfway point in high spirits with plenty of laughter, @tylergiles7 and @ultratrey for bringing the party, keeping me from burning out, feeding me a sandwich whether I wanted it or not, and guarding the bathroom, @atlantasnackclub for guiding me through the darkest time, maintaining relentless optimism even when I was doing trail math, and pointing out a COOL fog in a valley, Trevor for speed goating me through the last thirteen miles, helping me crush my enemies, and leading me to the smell of the barn. Thanks especially to @jeanmccoll for crewing me, sleeping in the car in the woods, driving everyone around, providing infinite support, helping me through a quick recovery, and putting up with me. Thanks also to my family for showing up to the finish line to cheer me across! It was a fantastic surprise to see everybody!