I’m a software developer and architect (Computer Engineer by degree) living in Virginia Highland in Atlanta, GA, USA with my beautiful and intelligent wife Jean and our mischievous dog Baxter. I’m originally from Birmingham, AL (Vestavia really), went to undergrad at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN, and moved to Atlanta for grad school. Checkout my resume for details on work I’ve done. Outside of computing, I’ve taken up a bit of a running hobby - mostly ultramarathons, very long and very slow. Go check out my Strava or Ultrasignup to see what I’ve been getting up to lately or what I’m about to run. I run with group of magnificent rapscallians who call themselves the Atlanta Snack Club. Please come join us for a run - you will make new friends, see different sides of the parts of town you thought you knew, and find plenty of cool places you never knew existed. I also enjoy making and listening to music. I’m mostly a drummer that sometimes makes noise with other instruments, computers, synthesizers, etc. I like tinkering with things, photography, and playing videogames, but don’t spend as much time on them as they deserve. I’m an Eagle Scout and love to be out in the woods. I’m a big supporter of Atlanta United and attend nearly every home match. I do like a good cup of coffee - I roast my own every few days.

A few places you can fing me on the internet:

Baxter looking suave.